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Geography is not an indoor sport! Get out and explore New York State!

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You will believe that this is the Empire State!

Thematic Maps of New York State (population demographics, education, climate, etc).
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Welcome to

Geography of New York State!


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Many visitors to New York are very surprised by its variety - large urban areas, small towns, farmland, and even wilderness. That is to say, it is a geographer's playground!

As a geography teacher, I am interested in New York's landscape, people, history, climate, and economy. When I travel throughout the state, I try to zero in all the geographic aspects. The purpose of this website is to share my thoughts about the geography of the Empire State with you. Hopefully, you will learn a lot just by reading these web pages. To get the full impact, however, you need to get outside. Get out on the road! And, better yet, get out and walk!
Geography is not an indoor sport.

This is very much a work in progress. The format of the pages is all new, which hopefully will make it easier for browsing. Another new section is the Freedom Trails North page (on the Underground Railroad in New York). And for those of you who are looking for good travel ideas in the Empire State, may we suggest our Bonus Section with ideas of road trips, scenic views, short walks, historic places, and cultural institutions.

There are several main components of Geography of New York State. First, it is suggested that you read over the pages on Physical Geography, Human Geography, and Economic Geography.
Then you might want to visit the ten different regions of New York State. Most of them are completed, but I am still working on Downstate New York regions (Long Island, Hudson Valley, and New York City). To see the Regions Map, click on the Regions of New York link. There is also a new section on the Erie Canal, with suggested places to visit to see both the modern waterway and historic canals.

For educators, there is a special section with Lessons on North America. They are interdisciplinary, and can be used in most grade levels, with some modification.
And now there is a new section titled Lessons on the Geography of the Underground Railroad in New York State.

If you have any thoughts or photographs to share, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for visiting!
- Tim McDonnell

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British soldier
St. Bldg. Montauk
Vancouver Island
Physical Geography
Human Geography
Economic Geography
Regions of New York State
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