Little Volney on the Oswego Freedom Trail

Bristol Church
The Bristol Hill Congregational Church in the hamlet of Volney had both black and white members. Many were active in the Underground Railroad.

Volney is a small hamlet east of Fulton in Oswego County. One focal point of this rural community was the Bristol Hill Church was established in 1812. This church had both black and white members (including the Gilberts and Masons), many of whom were active in the underground railroad. This building was constructed between 1832-36 and incorporates original wainscoting, windows, and carved lintel. It is now on the National Register and it has a grant for renovation  work.
A short distance away is the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (Western Section), across from the Methodist
Church. This cemetery contains graves of about four dozen African Americans, including at
least one Civil War veteran, Samuel Bakeman.

The William Baldwin House is located at 323 Baldwin Road in Volney. Baldwin's granddaughter recalled stories of his participation in the underground railroad.
The proximity of several African American families, including the Depuys, Slaters, and
Lawsons, suggests the possibility of a biracial freedom trail network in this neighborhood.