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Women are the majority throughout most of the state (and the nation, too). In some counties with large prisons or military establishments, the balance shifts. One example is Wyoming County, home to the Attica Correctional Facility, site of the tragic uprising of 1971.


An apartment building in the Bedford Stuyvesent section of Brooklyn. Many people living here are below the poverty line only a few miles away from the most expensive properties in the world in Manhattan.



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Gender Map

Statewide, around 52% of New York is female, close to the national average. On the map above, those areas in beige or orange have a female majority, but those in green have more men. (In case this isn't obvious, if the male population is 49%, then women compose 51% of the population). Why are there counties that break the pattern? In many northern counties there are military bases (like huge Fort Drum in Jefferson County) and prisons. In the Finger Lakes Region, the male majority seems to be due to farming, at least in part. And the mountainous parts of the state seem to have higher concentrations of men as well. Do you have your own theory?


Around one out of eight New Yorkers are living below the poverty line, according to federal statistics. Some areas with large suburban populations (such as Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley) have a lower rate, while urban centers (especially Brooklyn and the Bronx) have been hit the hardest by this nagging problem. Interestingly, Saratoga County just north of the state capital at Albany has a very low poverty rate as well. Does any one know why?


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