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Geography is not an indoor sport! Get out and explore New York State!


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New York State:

Erie Canal Village

You can't make a mistake in the Empire State!

The only way to really appreciate the geography of a state as diverse as New York is to hit the road. Many people know only the obvious places: Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, Whiteface Mountain...if that!
In the interest of eliminating ignorance (my number one goal in life), here are my nominations for the Best of New York State. Each of the links below has twelve nominated places: museums, scenic views, forts, walks in the woods, and trips in your car.

If this helps you with your travel plans, let us know about what you did. You can contact us using this LINK:

Now enjoy your journey...It's more important than the destination! (Or do I have that backwards?)


Great places to go to see New York Geography up close and personal. 

Click on the links below!

Road Trip
Scenic Viewpoints
Historic Places
Cultural Gems
Short Walks
Living Museums
Road Trips
Scenic Views
Historic Places
Cultural Gems
Short Walks
Living Museums

If you are interested in the history of the Underground Railroad
and the anti-slavery movement, visit Freedom Trails North.
Click on the links below:

  North Star

  The Signpost

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