Station Map of Underground Railroad

Stations in New York State

Station Map

Do you notice any patterns with the locations of the underground railroad stations? Is there a connection with 19th century transportation pathways? What is the connection with water? What is the probable reason for the lack of stations in the Catskills and the Adirondacks?

Now consider yourself a "travel guide" on the UGRR.
• If you lived in New York City, where would you send the freedom seeker next? What would be  the best mode of transportation?
• If you were the stationmaster in Jamestown (southwestern NY), how would you get a fugitive family safely to Canada? Where would the best crossing point be?
• If you lived in one of the lake towns (Erie or Ontario), would water be a good way to get the freedom seekers to safety?
• If the freedom seekers came up the Susquehanna Valley in central Pennsylvania, where would they go next?

All these questions are geographic as well as historic. If you want to see some lessons about the Geography of the Underground Railroad in New York State, click here.

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