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and the Victor Central School District, Victor, NY
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 This teacher award project has been designed to teach geography of the United States and Canada from  the perspective of five different subject areas. I have divided up the continent into regions, and each region has its own interdisciplinary unit, built around a common theme.  There will be lessons appropriate for all Core subjects: language arts, social studies, math, science. Also included will be one Encore lesson, connecting geography to technology education, music, art, or to French or Spanish. The chart on the next page provides you with more detail of the structure of this project.

This is very much a project still in development. As of August 2004, I have completed lessons for four regions: the Northeast:America’s Gateway to the World, the Great Northwest, the Sizzling Southwest, and the Greatest Lakes. A unit on Appalachia is currently in the works. For this internet version of the project, I have tried to include links to useful websites, maps, diagrams, and other materials that you will need to teach these lessons effectively.

I am very interested in your feedback. What do you think of my plan? Would it work in your classroom? If so, how would you implement it? Feel free to contact me. My email address is