The Grand Tour of North America


an Interdisiciplinary Unit created by 

Linda Trachtman, Darlene Cowles, Joanne Linehan, 

Timothy McDonnell, Cathie Shepard, and Marla McBride 

of Victor Junior High School, Victor, New York

Lesson Overview: These lessons are designed as an end-of-the-year unit for middle school students. They work best in a school with a team-iteaching structure. All members of the team - social studies, English-language arts, science, math, etc. - must be actively involved for this unit to work. Each group of students is assigned a parallel of latitude or a meridian of longitude to study in depth. It is their responsibility to complete six tasks;
To view these tasks in more detail, download the Grand Tour Lesson Plan (in pdf format)!


 Information for teachers:  
These lessons are not only aligned to the National Standards for Geography, they are also linked to the standards for English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Since this unit comes at the end of the school year, we have expectations for students at that time. They should have research skills, graphing skills, speaking and writing skills, mapping skills. The unit is meant to be student-driven, and they need to be independent learners!

To view the standards and other pertinant information about the Grand Tour Unit, download the Teacher Plan (in pdf format)!


If you use these lessons in part or in their entirety, please let us know how they worked. You can email Timothy McDonnell at the following address, and he will share the information with the other team members. Thank you!

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