Freedom Hill Overlooking Lake Ontario

SS Magic
The SS Magic was a boat owned and operated by Captain Horatio Throop of Pultneyville.  In the mid-1800s there was a small black community nearby in the Town of Sodus (Wayne County). Did they hide Freedom Seekers here? Did they signal ships like the Magic to help the fugitives on their last leg of the journey to Canada?

I (Timothy McDonnell) had a discussion with the Pultneyville Historian, Chester Peters, about the Underground Railroad in northern Wayne County. He told me that usually the Freedom Seekers were bordered on one of Throop’s ships in Pulneyville Harbor, which was much more extensive than it is today). Sometimes, they would flag ships down on top of  “Freedom Hill” in nearby Sodus. It is sometimes referred to now as the Horn Farm. Peters also believes that fugitives followed streams and used the many drumlins of Wayne County as compasses on the ground, since they point close to north-south.

This is a copy of an email from the Wayne County Historian, Peter Evans:
I just finished reading a small book titled "Horn Farm" by Herman Cohn, printed by Princeton University Press November 1954.

I don't know much about Herman Cohn except that he owned the land along Lake Ontario that includes "N____ Hill" and a home about a quarter mile away that has a secret chamber accessible only through a trap door from the cellar. The story is passed down that fugitive slaves were often kept there in the house and then they would go out to "the hill" and wait to be rowed out to ships for passage to Canada.

N____ Hill is a real place and is so marked on many charts and maps. It is the highest bluff hill over looking Lake Ontario for miles and miles. The house is also real with its' secret room. The information about the slaves is simply word of mouth oral history as far as I am aware, however, back up by or surrounded by certain documented truths or facts.