The Sizzling Southwest!

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The Southwest is dominated by its desert landscape. Adapting to this harsh environment is the theme of this unit. It has affected the living organisms of the desert, the migration of people, and the cultures of those people that make this a very special place. The lessons below investigate the Southwest from five perspectives.

Table of Contents

1. Language Arts: Juanito and the Saguaro Cactus Stalk: Using children's literature to analyze the culture of the Southwest.

2. Social Studies: Forced Migrations: Looking at three Southwest trails: the Anasazi, the Great Walk of the Navajos, and the Mormon Trail.

3. Science: Living with the Desert: Adaptations to desert survival and how modern technology has changed the desert landscape.

4. Math: Too Many People? Analyzing population growth and ethnic diversity in the Southwest.

5. Spanish: La Vida Hispanica (¡no es loca!): The impact of Hispanic culture and language on the Southwest.

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