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Interdisciplinary Lessons
on Geography

by Timothy McDonnell
Victor Jr. High School
Victor, New York

Planning Chart

The chart below summarizes the lessons completed so far. Click on a region and you can access the lessons that interest you. I am interested in your feedback. Please email me at tjmcdonnell@frontiernet.net with your comments and suggestions. If you want to use any of these lessons in your classroom, feel free to do so. Please mention where you got the lesson, so this project can get some publicity.
The Northeast: America's Gateway to the World No Gold on These Streets: Immigrant Experiences in NYC Tenement Housing The Great Erie Canal: How it was built and how it changed the nation In the Shadow of the Ice: How glaciers modified the landscape of the Northeast People Come and People Go: Analyzing population growth and decline in the Northeast Petit-Canada: A French lesson on the Franco-American population of New England
The Great Northwest The Journals of Lewis and Clark: A Lesson on journal writing using the famous expedition of 1804-06 Location is Everything! - Analyzing why the major cities of the Northwest are located where they are Volcanoes Cast Long Shadows: Plate Tectonics and the Infamous Cascade Volcanic Mts.  Patterns of Climate: Investigating temperature and precipitation in the state of Washington Psychedelic San Francisco: Rock music in the "City by the Bay" in the late Sixties
The Sizzling
Juanito and the Giant Saguaro Stalk: Using children's literature to learn about the culture of the Southwest Forced Migrations: The hard times of the Anasazi, the Navajo, and the Mormon pioneers.  Living with the Desert: Adapting to the harsh climate and how modern technology is creating heat islands Too Many People? - The Explosive Growth of the Southwest and Its Impact on the Environment La Vida Hispanica: A Spanish lesson on the culture and influence of Hispanics in the Southwest

The Greatest Lakes


"By the Shores of Gitchee Gumee"
: Analysis of Longfellow's epic poem about Native American people of the Lakes.

Freedom Trails North:

A study of the Underground Railroad in the Great Lakes Country. Why there?

Can the Lakes Survive Us?

A study of the ecology of the lakes and the problems they face in the 21st century.

Who Uses the Lakes?
Measuring the practicality of shipping goods on the Great Lakes. 

"The Lake, It is Said, Never Gives up Her Dead"
A music lesson about the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and Gordon Lightfoot's
classic song.


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