The Great Northwest

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The lessons of this unit are linked by the landscape of the Pacific Northwest. The volcanoes and the ocean influence everything from climate to urban development. Here are some lessons that will help you teach about the Northwest in five subject areas. Click on the hyperlinks below or on the image above.

Table of Contents

1. Language Arts: The Journals of Lewis and Clark: Interpreting and writing journals from a geographic perspective.

2. Social Studies: Location is Everything! Analyzing the location of the great cities of the Northwest from the viewpoint of a geographer.

3. Science: Volcanoes Cast Long Shadows: A look at plate tectonics and the threat of volcanic eruptions throughout the region.

4. Math: Patterns of Climate: Making climagraphs to analyze temperature and precipitation data from Washington State.

5. Music: Psychedelic San Francisco in the Sixties: Why was the "City by the Bay" the home to psychedelic culture and rock music in the late 60s?

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